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The Case of the Generous McFlurry

Ask most normal people whether an employee should be sacked for one incident in which she put slightly too many sprinkles on a McFlurry and the most common answer will surely be ‘of course not’. It seems obvious that a … Continue reading

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Boris and the Ballot: why call for tougher strike laws?

The nation’s favourite Tory, Boris Johnson has called for tougher strike laws. In his Mail on Sunday interview Boris sets out an 8-point plan. It differs from other employment law proposals I’ve seen in that it has been prepared by … Continue reading

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Guilty until proven innocent?

Today’s outrage against objectivity and rational analysis is brought to you courtesy of the founder and Director of Civitas, an independent ‘think tank’. David G Green has written an article in the Telegraph giving a pithy critique of the Equality … Continue reading

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It’s not about banning crosses!

I’m not going to try to go through all of the media reporting surrounding the religious discrimination cases currently being heard by the European Court of Human Rights and correct the errors and misconceptions that abound. What would be the … Continue reading

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