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Forced Retirement: have the press over-egged Seldon?

When I read a paper, I have to confess that I hardly ever read a full article unless I’m particularly interested in it. I’m more likely to scan the headlines and maybe the first couple of paragraphs before I move … Continue reading

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Are companies ‘shunning’ temps because of the Agency Workers Regulations?

I’m starting to think that I should simply dedicate this blog to Louisa Peacock of the Telegraph. Her latest offering is an article claiming that the Agency Workers Regulations have caused companies to ‘shun temps’ – with the clear implication … Continue reading

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Age discrimination and the Government’s ‘Youth Contract’

Could the Government be sued over its new ‘Youth Contract’ which rewards employers who take on young workers aged 18-24 with payments of up to £2,275? According to the Daily Telegraph, the Government’s own guidance has warned that companies could … Continue reading

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