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Was a doctor sacked for emailing a prayer to his colleagues?

Was Dr David Drew sacked for trying to motivate his colleagues by emailing them the famous prayer of St Ignatious Loyola?. It seems bizarre that this would be a sacking offence – although I have to say that if my manager … Continue reading

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A load of ballots! Unite’s mandate for strike action distorted by the Mail

Today’s story is about industrial action ballots. It’s prompted by this report from the Mail Online which carries the headline: Held to ransom by 1,000 tanker drivers: Petrol stations face closure as less than half union’s members vote for strike Now … Continue reading

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Telegraph jumps the gun on no-fault dismissals

Today’s employment law issue is  actually a quite straightforward mistake made in this column about red tape and recruitment. The Daily Telegraph is essentially writing about the administrative difficulties around the funding of apprenticeships. This is a subject about which … Continue reading

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Spritzers: the employment law implications

The thing that I like about employment law most is that its based on stories. Stuff happens in employment law cases that is simply more interesting (to my mind) than the stories that revolve around tax law or conveyancing. Inevitably … Continue reading

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Age Discrimination – counting the cost

This week the big employment law news story has been the Court of Appeal decision in Woodcock v Cumbria Primary Care Trust. The issue in this case was whether the employer was justified in giving an employee notice of redundancy … Continue reading

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Time for some reasonable responses

Like many people in the employment law world I get frustrated when I read about my subject in the mainstream media. Nearly everything I read is simply wrong! Partly the problem is that the subject is quite technical and the … Continue reading

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