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The problem with P&O – when ignoring employment law is ‘worth it’

I think most employment lawyers would have had the same reaction as me when they saw the news about P&O sacking 800 ferry workers without notice or consultation. First you see it as an outrageous breach of even the basic … Continue reading

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End of the Road for Uber?

One of the things I like about the Supreme Court is its lack of grandeur. People often associate the English legal system with all manner of flummery – wigs, gowns, archaic language, soaring rhetoric  and elaborate ceremony. You get none … Continue reading

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Is the Government about to rip up workers’ rights?

Last night the Financial Times reported that the Government is planning a post-Brexit overhaul of the labour market that would involve ‘ripping up’ workers’ rights ‘enshrined in EU law’. Specifically: The main areas of focus are on ending the 48-hour … Continue reading

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Early Retirement and the Exit Pay Cap

Well this might seem a bit niche. But if you’re in the public sector – especially local government – there is one major issue that you will be concerned with. That is the introduction of a £95,000 cap on public … Continue reading

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Should we ban ‘firing and re-hiring’?

Keir Starmer addresses the TUC today and – such is the nature of these events – we already know what he is ‘expected to say’. Starmer will condemn employers (recent examples include British Gas and British Airways) that have fired … Continue reading

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New Starters and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

UPDATE: Wednesday 15 April 2020 In a major change to the Job Retention Scheme the Treasury has announced that the cut off date of 28 February has been moved to 19 March. The guidance now says this: Employees you can … Continue reading

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Sleepover shifts and the minimum wage

Next week the Supreme Court will hear argument in two cases involving care workers. At issue is whether a care worker who ‘sleeps over’ in the care home should be regarded as working for that whole shift so that each … Continue reading

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Forstater v CGD Europe – what the Tribunal actually found

Debating transgender issues can be really difficult. It is one of those areas where you cannot really articulate a position without using vocabulary that at least some people will find objectionable. Writing about it feels like treading through a minefield … Continue reading

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Workers’ Rights and the EU

The annoying thing about the debate that has blown up over the weekend about workers’ rights post Brexit is that it rarely gets down to specifics. Take the Financial Times story on Friday. It referred to the possibility of divergence … Continue reading

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Dominic Cummings and a case of unfair dismissal

I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw this headline in the Guardian Adviser sacked by Cummings may have case for unfair dismissal – expert Oh do you think so? Could it be that calling someone in … Continue reading

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